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7 Tips To Planning Your Perfect Theme Wedding
Please enjoy this great guest post written for my blog by Kimberly Seeherman of Events By Fabulous.
#1 – Choose a theme that highlights your unique couple style.
The best themed weddings are those that say something personal about the bride and groom. Paris is a wonderful place, but it shouldn’t be your wedding theme unless it’s a meaningful part of your history. In the planning process, I ask my clients to dig deep into their relationships for defining memories and shared passions. Whether it’s a kind of music, a special trip, or a fairytale romance, the successful execution of theme wedding starts with stories close to the heart.#2 – Start with a detailed inspiration board.  
Wedding clients are often overwhelmed with the amount of choices they have to make. A great way to get started in the planning process is to put all your ideas into one place, and literally see how the details come together. Pinterest is an amazing tool, but you can also go “old school” by building a wedding binder with picture clippings, color swatches and other materials that inspire you. Take time doing your research and building a collection of ideas, a detailed inspiration board is your road map to success.#3 – Find the perfect setting for your story.
Finding the right venue is arguably the most important aspect of your theme wedding. You’ll need to find a place that works with your theme, not against it. The last thing you want to do is spend money covering up venue elements that don’t work with your design plan. It’s important that you fully flesh out your theme concept and wedding budget before beginning the search for locations, so that you can make an educated decision that fits both your taste and financials.#4 – Set the tone with a themed wedding announcement.
Stir your guest’s excitement by creating an interactive save-the-date or invitation that boldly represents the theme. Fun ideas I’ve recommended in the past included a pair of 3D glasses, a puzzle, a code to unlock a website, or a costume element for guests to incorporate into their wedding attire. Asking guests to dress up is a sure way to enhance the theme experience, as the guests become part of the theme concept.

#5 – Walk down the aisle in style. 
When planning a theme wedding, you want to create a consistent experience throughout the entire affair, which of course includes the ceremony.  Even if your service is held off-site or in a house of worship, make sure to incorporate elements that to tie your nuptials to the reception. Consider themed aisle décor, a colored carpet runner, a unique Bridal March and ceremony music or stylized wedding party attire.

#6 – Create a focal point for your themed space.
While the best-case scenario would be customizing each aspect of reception décor to your theme, that’s not a feasible solution for every couple, especially when budget is a factor. I always recommend creating at least one “wow-factor” within a space that really brings the theme to life. Then make sure that everything else in the room is neutral, as not to distract from that focal point.  Whether you go with an awesome entrance piece, a custom stage, a themed vignette or specialty table-top design, spending your budget on a few choice theme elements is much better then a watered-down execution across the entire wedding design.

#7 – It’s all about the experience.
When creating a themed wedding, equally important as décor elements are the experiential aspects that transport guests into the realm of your imaginary theme. I always recommend focusing on arrivals, how guests are welcomed into the space. Unique concepts I’ve executed are themed methods of distributing table cards, or specialty entertainers that set the mood. Customization of Food & Beverage is another great way to incorporate theme, such as specialty cocktails with a look or a name relevant to the décor concept. Other ideas to consider are themed guest activities like a stylized photo booth that can also serve as a take home favor.  Let guests leave with a symbolic piece of the party, and the magical experience of your theme wedding can live on far past the conclusion of the event.

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