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Start Your Planning With An Event Budget That Represents Your Unique Wedding Objectives

Too many couples suffer from what I call “lust shopping” where they impulsively book spectacular items for their wedding that completely flush their budget goals down the drain. (Example: A couple might fall in love with a raw venue that costs $10K and book it without realizing that they have left no money for food in their $20K budget.)

When I begin a project with a new client, I always have the couple create a ranked list of the 3 most important event elements in their wedding vision.

For example:

1) Awesome Band

2) Free Flowing Cocktails

3) Room Ambience

One we’ve got it down on paper, I can advise the couple to spend a little less on flowers, so they’ll have funds to pay for their #1 priority: entertainment.

Spending time to compare the overall event budget with the most essential items, the prepared couple can build a comprehensive budget while creating a customized event experience.

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